A Preamble

Welcome to my website.

My name is Berwin Anggara, I’m currently a resident lecturer at Accounting Department of Economics and Business Faculty – Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia which is located in the heart of Bandar Lampung City, Indonesia.

I completed my master degree in accounting science at Universitas Lampung in 2019. I earned my bachelor degree in accounting at Universitas Lampung in 2011. My focus topic of research is environmental accounting, financial accounting and auditing. Several of my works represent the scope of environmental accounting in relate of financial accounting. Currently, I focus on how environmental certification ownership and clustering of environmental awareness performance can impact the financial performance of entities.

If you have any questions regarding to my works or collaboration project, do not hesitate to contact me at connect@berwin.my.id or berwin.anggara@teknokrat.ac.id.

Thank you.